Danny Kaya

Real Name
Daniel Siulapwa
Alias Name
Danny Kaya
Date of Birth
February 18, 1979

Artist Bio

Zambian musician Danny Kaya, real names Daniel Siulapwa was born on February 18, 1979, Danny was partially brought up in the Northern town of Zambia, Kasama and attained secondary education in Mpika. He has however lived his life in Zambia’s capital Lusaka.

During his school days in Mpika, he managed to divide his time well between studying physics, from which he understands sound waves and helping with work at his father’s farm a short drive away.

Danny’s love for music came way before he learned the standard definition of the word and that was during the time he made contribution to the teens praise team at church. By the time Danny set foot in the recording studio he saw success.

Danny is the last born in a family of six. After completing secondary school in 1996, he studied for a diploma in Electrical and Electrical Engineering

Danny is one of the most successful musicians in Zambia. The album has already gained a lot of steam on the Zambian radio charts with songs like ‘Champion’ the title track and ‘Ka Last’.

And the man is back with a bang, Danny has issues with hypocrites in the album title track Champion, backstabbers in Naiwe and misers in Ninshi Nicha. In the love songs protecting What is Mine where he features Hamoba and I have a feeling a collaboration with Bob Muli, the loverboy goes sentimental.

zambianmusicindustry.com confirms that, Danny Kaya teamed up with Exile on the track Bambikile Umuti and humours up the album in the tune Ka Last which features Lusaka’s currently most sought after comic Professor Diffikoti. Away from the comedy, this song cautions people that the last minute is always dangerous.

Be content with what you have is the message in the song As Long As.

Danny goes back to his Zamragga roots in a song which features Ras Peter Bob where he encourages people to move on if things are not working out as hoped for because Maybe Its 4 The Beta. The album closes with Mpaka, an uplifting gospel track.