Real Name
Ephraim Kasonde
Alias Name
Date of Birth
February 11, 2000
Apa Ili So

Artist Bio

Early Life

Growing up as the youngest of eight siblings, Dizmo discovered his passion for music at the age of 11, embarking on a journey that would later define his career. The moniker “Dizmo” originated from a nickname given by friends, and he added a distinctive “mo” to complete his stage name.

Real Name

Dizmo’s real name is Ephraim Kasonde.


Dizmo was born on February 11, 2000.

Music Career

Under the label APA ILI SO, Dizmo commenced his musical career with a promising start. He expressed his artistic inspiration, by drawing from real-life situations in his neighbourhood. Dizmo’s early exposure to the music scene included sharing stages with renowned artists such as Jae Cash, Chef 187, and Slap Dee, showcasing his talents on both national and international platforms.

Dizmo’s musical repertoire includes notable tracks, with “LIFE,” featuring Jae Cash. Mr Dee, a figure in Dizmo’s life, played a pivotal role by encouraging him to pursue music, transitioning from a previous career as a footballer.


In a significant milestone for Dizmo became the first Zambian musician to own a Lamborghini.