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Esther Chungu ft. Pompi – Fendela (Video)

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Esther Chungu ft. Pompi – Fendela (Video)
Esther Chungu Ft Pompi - Fendela

Esther Chungu, the renowned Zambian gospel artist, has unveiled her latest single, “Fendela“, a powerful collaboration with talented male artist Pompi. This uplifting track is a testament to Esther’s dedication to creating inspiring music that resonates with her audience. “Fendela” is a beautifully crafted song that showcases the duo’s harmonious vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The accompanying music video, perfectly complements the song’s message and energy. The visuals are stunning, with Esther and Pompi delivering captivating performances that bring the song to life. The video has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube, solidifying “Fendela” as a fan favorite.

With “Fendela“, Esther Chungu and Pompi have created a masterpiece that will inspire and uplift listeners. The song is a shining example of the impact that gospel music can have on our lives. Stream “Fendela” on your preferred platform, watch the music video by clicking the play button, and experience the joy and hope that this incredible collaboration brings.

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