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Government’s Intentions Regarding Load Shedding!!

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Government’s Intentions Regarding Load Shedding!!

Government’s Intentions Regarding Load Shedding!!

Zambia Has Been Hit With A Devastating Drought, That Has Seen The Country’s Economic Activities Hindered. Food Security Is Among The Challenges Zambia Has Faced As A Result Of The Drought. The Country Has Also Experienced An Abnormal Load Shedding Duration, Which Has Greatly Affected The Economic Sector Such As The Mines And Industries. The Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Police Stations And Universities Are Not Spared In The Series Of Load Shedding.

What Is Government’s Position On Load Shedding?

Minister of Information and Media Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa MP, Had Held A Media Engagement On 17 June 2024,To Update The Nation On Government’s Intention Towards Curbing The Unbearable Effects Of Load Shedding.


Below Are The Government’s Strategies In Curbing Load Shedding;

Government has resolved that ZESCO shall recall at least 100 Megawatts from the export market which it is exporting for local utilisation.

 In this regard, the balance of 195 Megawatts is still being negotiated by ZESCO to ensure that there is a smooth exit plan because it is contractually bound to have been supplying such power.

It is Government’s expectation that the entire 195 Megawatts for export will be recalled for local use in line with the circumstances it finds itself in such as the drought situation.

Government is presently importing 165 Megawatts (firm and non-firm power) for citizen’s consumption.

 Government is working with the private sector in mobilising resources to open a second plant at Maamba Collieries which will produce about 300 Megawatts.

Government has partnered with the private sector to assist in responding to the challenges of the moment. This partnership is coming through Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

Government has also agreed with Ndola Energy to come on board by producing power and it is anticipated that in the next few weeks, Ndola Energy would be back on grid to supply 105 Megawatts.

 Meanwhile, Government has resolved to install solar energy in all public universities and colleges so that some energy from these institutions can be freed up for other usages.

Government’s position is that all public universities, institutions and service providers such as hospitals, water processing plants shall not be subject to load-shedding and this has already been communicated to ZESCO.

Government through ZESCO is also looking at other essential public service providers like police stations not to be subjected to load-shedding

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