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Lusaka woman cries to court over 4 months sex starvation while hubby feeds others

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Lusaka woman cries to court over 4 months sex starvation while hubby feeds others

Lusaka woman cries to court over 4 months sex starvation while hubby feeds others

FOR 19 years, Charity Phiri has endured a union of hide and seek as her husband has been stingy as an economist in bed in terms of providing his instrument of power while generous as NGO with other women.

It is reported that Phiri was put on a forced dry sexual fasting, while her husband, Fred Chembe, 55 was the 21st century male version of Mother Theresa, cheerfully giving his manhood to other women, precisely the young ones.

This was heard in a matter where Chembe sued Phiri for divorce in the Matero local court on grounds that he no longer loved her.

However Phiri said the reason Chembe was divorcing her was because he wanted to marry a younger girl called Mercy whom he even sold three pieces of land for, just to make her happy because she gave him a child.

“He once left me in 2008 and came back two years later from Lusaka and his excuse was that he was looking for a job. I was pregnant and taking care of his 82 year old Aunty who had a stroke but he would still cheat and come home at 02:00 hours.”

” He had another young lady called Esnart who he would bring to our home to see his sick aunt. All the women are young girls worthy of being my children,” Phiri told court.

She said Chembe’s sexual exploits would only awake each time he had a job. However, when jobless, he was as humble as Judas Escariot during Christ’s last supper.

“He refused to show me his salary saying his licence doesn’t have two heads (his and hers). His aim is to marry that little girl Mercy. I farm and sell vegetables in Mandevu alone, and he doesn’t help me with anything for labour. I love him and that is why I have stayed with him for this long.”

“For now, it has been four months and he has never touched me for sex, but he is busy making babies elsewhere and having sex with younger girls. This hurts me, so much,” she complained.

According to Phiri, after asking Chembe why he was denying her of her rightful joystick, he said it was because she was sleeping with their village Induna who he suspects of being HIV positive, because that is were she likes to report his infidelity to.

With that reason given, he chased her from their bedroom to the children’s.

However, Chembe told the court that unlike the empty Kariba dam that is still supplying the nation some little power, the dryness of his feelings for her cannot even produce a spark of love.

“I started working as a truck driver, I would go to Congo, Durban and be there for a month I would return home for a day with no sex. When I’m lucky, she would give it to me. Until when I stopped work seven months ago and our problems became worse,” explained Chembe.

Chembe emotionally told the court that he was also extremely hurt at the fact that from January to date, he has only had sex with his wife once.

“If you want you can check me now, my private parts are very dirty it’s been 4 months now. You say I am putting dirt on you each time I touch you, I just want to divorce her now because I no longer love her,” said Chembe.

Presiding over the matter magistrate Harriet Mulenga divorced the couple on grounds that there was no love between the two, especially from the plaintiff.

“The court cannot force you to love her, so the court has granted divorce to this marriage. The defendant to be compensated with K20,000, children to be maintained with k1,500 monthly, one plot given to the children while the other one, together with the vehicle to be sold and proceeds shared equally,” said Magistrate Mulenga.

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