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Xaven is Zambia’s current most featured female artist

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Xaven is Zambia’s current most featured female artist
Xaven is Zambia’s current most featured female artist

DESPITE coming on the scene just yesterday, Copperbelt reign female rapper, and Songtress Rachel Chakwa Mwewa, better known by her stage name of Xaven, has managed to rise on the top of the Zambian music Industry in just three years.

For many, Xaven is an artist who stormed both the stage and speakers in 2021 with her hit single, ‘undisputed’ she then went on and released another song in the same year which featured Yo Maps, titled ‘Nalema.’

She introduced her name in the music Industry with a unique signage of a different music flavor, sound and twist to the usual female raps and songs the Zambian audience is used to.

Despite gaining fame in 2021, the young artist commenced her rap Career in 2015 after she just completed high school in Chingola on the Copperbelt.

But even before she had a song of her own, the songstress had an opportunity of being the only female rapper to feature in the album of Zambia’s most charted rapper, Chef 187 in a song titled ‘Nimfika Mu City’ an opportunity she says opened her career doors.

However, since the fame, Xaven, who has been profoundly welcomed by her fans as seen by the many features she has been engaged in the past three years making her the current most featured female artist in the country.

Some fans in the her comment section say, “whatever Xaven touches is a hit” a thing that has been proven by most of the her feature songs wich are hits.

Her vibe is ‘kopala’, her energy is big, her confidence is great, and her stage performance and appearance is unmatched.

She has managed to upgrade her title from being an upcoming artist, to Zambia’s established rapper in just three years, securing her even performing slots in countries such as Australia, a thing that many decade artists are still struggling to achieve.

Her songs are always a headline on Tik Tok due to her unique bemba punchlines of ‘kopala’ slangs, one can tell the artiste is a mixture of art and intelligence as her music perfectly blends with the seasonal trends, while relating to everyday social issues.

In 2022, she won the Zambian Female Artist of the Year at the Diamond TV personality award, becoming the first female artist from the Copperbelt to win the award while last year, she walked away with more in different categories.

Among many other artistes who have featured her includes, Slap D, Tripple M, Jemax, Dizmo, Jae Cash, Celeb City, Mordercai, Y Celeb, Bobby East, Vinchezo and many more to mention but a few.

“Meet Xaven-kopala-Queen the most featured talented and consistent female artist in Zambia. Hard work pays off the advice l will give upcoming artist is to work hard and deliver good content, good music and the support will come automatically. Rachel Chakwa Mwewa receive your flowers,” posted Zambian music Legend, Mozegetta two days ago.

“If am being honest, Xaven has carried and kept the women’s music industry alive and deserves a round of applause. No favoritism here just me appreciating the works of another. Receive your flowers Xaven-kopala-Queen,” also posted artiste Neo last week.

And last year, she represented the women in music as the only female artist to be put in the top Five of the Diamond TV top 10 artists for 2023.

Everyone knows thriving in this industry for anyone is not easy, but well, here is Xaven.

Aside her music, Xaven is also currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the University of Lusaka.

ZMI June 17, 2024

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